Edinburgh-born watchmaker Alexander Cumming was the first to patent a design for a flush toilet. The S-shaped trap was invented by Cumming in 1775 to prevent sewer gases from entering buildings. The design inspired today’s U-shaped and J-shaped plumbing fixtures.

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Sometimes life throws us a curve. Happy Crackers keep pressing on.

Don’t you just love family? All Happy Crackers do.

Like the Wright brothers, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, and others before him, Felix Baumgarther inspires everyone and makes us all proud.

Somebody is watching Laurel & Hardy!  Nicely done, Happy Crackers, nicely done!

Happy Cracker pays tribute to the life and accomplishments of Steve Jobs.  Steve demonstrated many of the values that all Happy Crackers and other reasonable people appreciate and hope to emulate, such as positive creativity, intelligence, persistence, entrepreneurialism, capitalism, grace under pressure, far-sightedness, and vision.  And in keeping with Happy Cracker tradition, Steve’s work genuinely benefited all people, regardless of their race, creed, gender, stature, and so on.  Steve, thank you for adding to the already innumerable benefits brought into the world by Happy Crackers like you.

Take notes from Undercover Brother